Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet rich plasma therapy or PRP therapy for dogs and cats offers a safe and natural way to relieve injury from the affected joint and promote healing in the process.


What is platelet rich plasma?

Platelets are blood particles that cause clotting when tissue is damaged. But they also contain growth factors that start the healing process and activate nature’s tissue healing and repairing mechanisms.


How do we use platelet rich plasma therapy?

The procedure is done under sedation and involves taking a blood sample from the patient. The blood is then processed to gather a higher-than-usual concentration of platelets, which is then injected into the affected joint. PRP therapy for dogs and cats typically takes 30 to 40 minutes and most owners will notice the benefits within the first week, before seeing significant improvements after the first month. Side effects from platelet-rich plasma therapy are very uncommon. However, all risks will be discussed with you at the time of the procedure.

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