Price List

Price List as of 1st March 2021. All prices include VAT at standard rate

Description Price
Initial Veterinary Examination up to 1 hour
Follow-up consultations 30 minutes
Acupuncture session 30 minutes

Laser, PEMFT, shockwave treatments etc. are charged in addition.

Hydrotherapy, if required, is included in the above consultations.
Hydrotherapy – initial take on session
Hydrotherapy follow on sessions
CT scans

The cost of CT scans depends on the area being scanned and weight.

If you are unsure please ask for a quote.

CT scans of head, neck, spine, chest, abdomen and shoulders will require a first scan, injection of contrast and a second scan.

Contrast £5.38/kg

First Scan:
Cats and dogs under 10 kg
Dog 11-20kg
Dog 21-40kg
Dog over 40kg
Second CT scan following contrast injection
Interpretation of images by Vet-CT imaging specialist at cost and charges are as follows:

Body areas as defined by Vet-CT:
Head (one area)
Thorax (one area)
Abdomen (one area)
Spine C1-T2 or soft tissues of neck (one area)
Spine T3-tail (one area)
One joint, left and right (one area)
Two Joints or entire limb, left and right sides (two areas)
First area
Second and subsequent areas
Normal reporting time is 4 days. If a report is needed sooner, the following charges apply:
Enhanced 1-2 days
Priority within 24 hours
Urgent 4 hours
Cruciate Repair

Cruciate repair (TPLO) including consult, X-rays, GA, surgery, implants, discharge, medication for 2 weeks.

12 week post op. X-rays (if required) are not included.
Dogs under 10kg
Dogs 11-20kg
Dogs 21-40kg
Dogs over 40kg
Patella Luxation

Patella luxation correction (TTT) including consult, X-rays, GA, surgery, implants, discharge medication for 2 weeks.

Please note patella luxation in large and certain other breeds requires more involved surgery.
This will be discusses at your consultation and a quote given.
Dogs under 10kg
Dogs 11-20kg
Dogs 21-40kg
Dogs over 40kg
Regenerative Medicine and Intra-articular Injections
Stem cell therapy includes GA, harvesting of stem cells, injection of stem cells into joint(s) or tendon(s) medication for 2 weeks
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) includes sedation/GA collection and processing of blood to produce PRP, injection of PRP into joint(s) or target tissue.
Hydrogel first joint includes sedation and injection into joint
Hydrogel second and subsequent joints each

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