Electronic Muscle Stimulation/ Nerve Stimulation (EMS)

Electronic Muscle Stimulation therapy uses electrical energy to stimulate nerves and/or muscles depending on the required treatment.


What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation/Nerve Stimulation?

Electronic Muscle Stimulation causes muscles to contract so it can help rebuild areas that may be weakened by wasting. EMS can also aid in pain relief, as it can stimulate nerve regeneration and repair to help with overall pet rehabilitation.


How do we use Electronic Muscle Stimulation/Nerve Stimulation?

We use machines that can be applied to very specific areas. The difference in therapies is worth noting, though our vets will tell you which is appropriate for your pet. The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine stimulates nerves which aids pain relief, whereas EMS equipment stimulates muscles for rebuilding and rehabilitation of injuries. This can often be useful for lame animals who can’t bear weight on their limbs thus building strength up again.

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